Celebrity Sighting: Jack La Lanne!

What a Stud!

Celebrity Sighting Of The Day: Jack La Lanne!

At about 1:00 PM this afternoon I spotted Veteran Fitness Guru Jack La Lanne (age 93) standing in the street at the corner of Wall and William Streets. La Lanne was doing that “Muscle Man” pose on top of a raised platform for photographers while gripping a copy of his latest book, the title of which I did not stop long enough to read. It was pretty hilarious to see all of these stiff Wall Street types jockeying for position among the Asians tourists and  fans for a chance to snap cellphone pictures of Jack, who looked like he was having a blast.

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Sighting: Jack La Lanne!”

  1. Dude, you’re overselling it. Wall Street was closed yesterday (Good Friday) so there weren’t any “Wall Street Types” there, which I also know because I was also passing by at the time. Why does eveyone have to BS about everything?

  2. Hey James! Slow down dude! I happen to work on Wall Street and while you are correct that the <em>Exchange</em> side of the market was closed, people who work for “the Fed” (like me) didn’t necessarily have the day off. So, sorry, but I think I win this round.
    – Gail

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