Possible Replacements for Bret Michael’s on the Next Rock of Love

There He Goes Again…

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I don’t know how may of you enjoyed the almost embarrassingly guilty pleasure of watching the past two seasons of VH1’s Rock of Love with Brett Michaels as much as I did. But if you’re already jonesing for Season 3, it’s kind of a bummer to know that, as of this juncture at least, Brett and his chosen “Rock of Love,” Ambre, appear to still be together. So, while the producers handle their negotiations with the next victim lucky bachelor (Tommy Lee, anyone?) Television Without Pity Dot Com has worked out this beyond hilarious list of Possible Replacements for Brett Michael’son VH1’s next installment of Rock Of Love. Wait ‘til you see what Andrew Ridgely looks like now…

One thought on “Possible Replacements for Bret Michael’s on the Next Rock of Love”

  1. Seriously? They’re looking for another washed up, old butt rocker? Crazy. Although I have to admit the show is a sweet delicious trainwreck. What about Meatloaf? Is he lookin for some lovin? If he is: CALL ME MEAT!!!!!! I like the big boys.

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