“One Order of Bacon, Eggs, Toast and a Straw, Please”

“Mmmmm, Bacon!”

I didn’t know whether to jump up and down with excitement or get really queasy when I read about an ambitious new beverage called MeatWater, a kind of “meal-in-a-bottle” which apparently comes in delicious flavors like Beef Stroganoff, Fish & Chips and Hungarian Goulash, as well as assorted breakfast flavors. The colorful website also includes a contest you can enter  to name the next new flavor and win a year’s supply of MeatWater! Yummy!

4 thoughts on ““One Order of Bacon, Eggs, Toast and a Straw, Please””

  1. Alcoholic dog food, human flesh car polish…

    Missy says “Arf!”

  2. This is definitely one of the more unusual references to Beef Stroganoff that I’ve ever come across. Added to my lens.

  3. It is of strange delighted, this water of flesh. I am to be excited of suggestion: Lutefisk-water, very delicious! Like mother would put on your plate, ya?

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