Metallica Demands that Online Journalists Remove Reviews of its Music


I Believe that Their New CD is Called Douchebags Of The Universe

I really thought that Metallica, easily the most hyper-litigious band in the history of music, had hit rock bottom when they sued Victoria’s Secret over the name of an eyeliner pencil that contained the word “Metallica” in the description of the shade. Apparently, I was incorrect in that assumption. This post from about Metallica’s management requesting that bloggers remove reviews of its newest album proves that these guys have, in fact, hit bottom and started to dig. It’s nice to see that Metallica didn’t want the reputation they earned from the Napster debacle to be forgotten.

Note: It appears that the story at the link above has been updated in Metallica’s favor!

One thought on “Metallica Demands that Online Journalists Remove Reviews of its Music”

  1. There’s a race to see who can be a bigger douche: Metallica or Prince. Maybe they should record an album together and then sue everyone who buys it…


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