Katamari Themed Stuff!

katmari wedding cake topper

Did you ever play the video game Katamari Damacy? Where the tiny little Prince of All Cosmos has to roll a katamari (essentially a big, sticky ball that attaches itself to anything it rolls over) across all kinds of stuff and then launch it all up in the sky to make new stars and thus appease his abusive, drunken Dad, the King? It is the most fun game. I really suck at it but that doesn’t mean it’s not crazy fun! Lots of people love Katamari, and that is why they make Katamari Damacy Wedding Cake Toppers (seen above) and Katamari Damacy Cakes and even Bizarro Katamari Hats to celebrate their love. Pictures after the jump!

Katamari Cake

Ugly Katamari “Brain Tumor” Hat


“I Dooooo”

I love Katamari!