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Beatles’ Themed Layer Cake

Beatles Themed Layer Cake
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Okay, judging from the multiple layers this is probably a Wedding cake, dontcha think? It may be a Birthday cake, but whatever the occasion, it is the Greatest Cake Ever in the Universe of All Time, because The Beatles! I bet it tastes delicious also, but, honestly, it’s too cool to eat!

Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake

A deviantART user going by the name “estranged-illusions” made this wedding cake modeled after The Beatles 1968 animated movie Yellow Submarine. I wish they would create more cakes as cool as this one on all of the cake making competition shows I am always watching on The Food Network.

The cake is described as Vanilla strawberry cake with strawberry filling, white buttercream and marshmallow fondant. The figures are all color flow (a type of icing), with the exception of the submarine topper with the bride and groom on top. The topper is made from a polymer clay called Sculpey, so that the couple could have a keepsake. I’m sure you’ll agree that while it sounds very tasty, it is almost too beautiful to cut!

Thanks to Neatorama for the Tip!

HR Giger Alien Wedding Cake!

“I Now Pronounce You Alien and Host”

A half a dozen years after Swiss surrealist HR Giger designed the cover art for Emerson Lake & Palmer’s 1973 prog rock opus, Brain Salad Surgery, he increased his profile greatly with a little gig designing the title creatures for a sci-fi flick called Alien. Now, the chest-burster Aliens from that film’s pivotal early scene meet delicious pastry in the form of the HR Giger-inspired Wedding Cake. The picture above really says it all: a brilliant creation, and it’s probably delicious as well!

Cake by Jet City Cakes

Skull Wedding Cake

skull wedding cake
I love this!

This awesome Skull Wedding Cake gives new mean to the vows “Til Death Do You Part.” Thanks to Skulls and Bacon via Cake Wrecks.

Katamari Themed Stuff!

katmari wedding cake topper

Did you ever play the video game Katamari Damacy? Where the tiny little Prince of All Cosmos has to roll a katamari (essentially a big, sticky ball that attaches itself to anything it rolls over) across all kinds of stuff and then launch it all up in the sky to make new stars and thus appease his abusive, drunken Dad, the King? It is the most fun game. I really suck at it but that doesn’t mean it’s not crazy fun! Lots of people love Katamari, and that is why they make Katamari Damacy Wedding Cake Toppers (seen above) and Katamari Damacy Cakes and even Bizarro Katamari Hats to celebrate their love. Pictures after the jump!

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