Remembering John Lennon, 28 Years Gone

Oct 9, 1940 –  Dec 8, 1980

It’s funny that I was just thinking about John’s passing just yesterday, when I rode a bus by the Dakota Building on my way to the West Side. Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono invites everyone to share their memories of John at This Link.

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  1. When we heard of the tragedy, there was rumor of a gathering and we made our way over to Century City, maybe it was the ABC Plaza or something back then. A makeshift stage and sound system had been set up. Candles were passed out and we stood around in a daze. They played clips of All You Need Is Love and Imagine and a couple of people kept getting up to the mike and saying the same things over and over in disbelief. Chokes me up to think about to this day.

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