It’s, Like, Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from here in rainy southern Califorina- where the weather could normally be described as very “Pacific Northwestern” if it weren’t snowing in the Pacific Northwest right now! I’ve had a great time out here visiting friends and family and enjoying the holiday spirit(s) in general. Flying back to NYC tomorrow afternoon, when this blog will resume its regular schedule of rad posts about music and mayhem in NYC. Fingers are crossed for no delayed connections!

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  1. Waves were crashing today… pelicans flying into the wind and going nowhere…

    Pre-Xmas eve… had to pick up and trash a brassiere that had been blowing around on the street/sidewalk for a coupla months (after I had a few drinks at about 1:00am). Could be a career move…

    Welcome back to where I am not! 🙂

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