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Baggage Handlers Destroyed My Suitcase

Not My Broken Suitcase, But an Incredible Simulation

Baggage (mis)handlers at various airports across the country have finally managed to totally fuck the locks on my very expensive suitcase due to the constant re-opening and incorrect re-closing of my bag, necessitated by the endless “Security checks” that go on when you travel these days and have to check luggage. It was especially exciting when all of my shit fell out onto the rain-soaked pavement as I got into my cab at LaGuardia. Thanks, assholes.

It’s, Like, Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from here in rainy southern Califorina- where the weather could normally be described as very “Pacific Northwestern” if it weren’t snowing in the Pacific Northwest right now! I’ve had a great time out here visiting friends and family and enjoying the holiday spirit(s) in general. Flying back to NYC tomorrow afternoon, when this blog will resume its regular schedule of rad posts about music and mayhem in NYC. Fingers are crossed for no delayed connections!

"Yes, That’s All Well and Good, But Will I Need to Take My Umbrella?"

<B>Zip Code 10009: Take Your Umbrella!</B>
Zip Code 10009: Take Your Umbrella!

For a couple of years now, I’ve had this great idea for a way to make the morning weather reports much more accurate and fun, which I call “The Coat Report.” Basically, in addition to telling the temperature, the news guy would suggest the most appropriate outerwear to have on when leaving the house, so that you would have the best chance of staying warm and dry in your local region. This is especially tricky on the east coast, where, you know, we have all kids of weird ass weather that you just don’t ever see in places like California.

I love this idea. You know, one day it would be “Today’s Coat Report says wear your leather jacket and take your gloves” or “Today it’s all about the winter coat with full on scarf and hat action.” Something like that would just rule. Today I heard about something that’s almost as good: Umbrella Today. All you have to do it make a quick visit to UmbrellaToday.Com, enter your zip code and in seconds you’ll find out if you need to take your umbrella with you. Awesome!

Thanks to Neat-O-Rama For the Tip!