Egg Rug, Over Easy

Sunny Side Up Shag Rug by Designer Valentina Audrito (Image Source)

Modern and innovative home design gets my attention every time. I love this egg rug where the yolks serve as head cushions – perfect for lounging on the floor and watching TV in true comfort. Eggstatic!


24 thoughts on “Egg Rug, Over Easy

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  4. So . . . where can we get one? I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find it. Thank you in advance.

    — Sorry, all the information I have on the rug is in my post! Good luck with your search on Google! – G


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  6. Where in the world is the price listed for this rug?????? I have searched EVERYWHERE!!! VERRRRRY frustrating!! I’d love a response with the price or a link to the price. Every link just has a description and STILL… no price! Thank you!!


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