Ziggy Stardust Remixed

Freak Out in a Moonage Daydream, Oh Yeah

While no amount of tinkering and remixing could ever improve on the real thing, “Mashup genius” dj BC has made available for download a retooled version of David Bowie’s classic ‘70s Glam opus, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. According to BC, the project promises to be “remixed, mashed-up and spaced-out, with bootleg mixes and mashups from myself, ATOM, A plus D (Bootie), World Famous Audio Hacker, and ToToM. Videos from VJ Brewski and AJ ‘Hatperson’ Mazur. (You may remember AJ as the genius behind the now legendary ‘Cooking By The Book’ video.) Art by the very talented Shana B. This record has been in the works since ‘Wu Orleans’ but the arrival of my daughter and some ‘official’ releases distracted me, and drove me to seek help completing it. And I am glad I did. A+D’s MGMT mashup and ATOM’s ‘Star Man’ remix are nothing short of genius.”

Link via Boing Boing Dot Net.

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