Bar Mitzvah Palooza 2009

Sadly I Could Not Locate an Existing Image That Said “Barmitzvah Palooza,” So This Will Have to Do

Later this afternoon I’ll be flying out to the west coast to attend the Bar Mitzvah (aka Barmitzvah Palooza) of Mr. Griffin Sloves. Of course, Barmitzvah Palooza will not encompass the entire weekend, so mixed up with the Torah Reading and such, there will also be a bit of San Francisco touristy site seeing, friend visiting, eating, drinking and more eating. Besides rubbing in your very attractive faces the fact that I’m taking a little vacation, I just wanted to let you know this blog will be unmanned until I get back to New York next Tuesday. I am sorry to leave you without web cleverness for a few days, but it really could not be helped. Please enjoy perusing a few of my classic Rock Star Interview Archives while I’m away.

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