Disco Fries!

Disco Fries Night Fever

Last night I was making the scene at Heavy Metal Happy Hour at Arrow Bar, enjoying a refreshing 2-for-1 Vodka Cranberry special, banging my head slightly to some vintage Maiden and chatting with the Rev Dave from The Great Burger Conquest. Rev was sharing a few stories of the latest tasty burgers to make it onto his blog when the subject of Disco Fries came up. For those of you who have never known the pleasure, Disco Fries are french fries covered with gravy and melted cheese (sometimes the gravy can also be served on the side for dipping). Mmmm . . . I wish I had a big plate of Disco Fries right now.

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  1. There are a few places around here that offer fries with cheese and gravy, but they don’t call them Disco Fries (actually, I’ve seen them called ‘wets’, which isn’t appetizing). What’s the origin of the name?

    Clark: I think the name comes from the fact that these are fries you eat at the diner late at night when you are hungover from your trip to the Disco?
    – Gail xo

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