Seriously Delicious Hero Sandwiches Discovered in Jersey City

turkey sub sandwich

The Yummyness

Although I’ve been doing the reverse morning commute to Jersey City now for two months (PATH train!), the weather has only just recently gotten un-sucky enough to encourage me to leave the building at lunch and go exploring in my new neighborhood. Today I had to make a trip to the Post Awful and decided to wander around a few side streets to see if there might be viable lunch food options about. This is when I discovered Telly’s Heros, a tiny, hole-in-the wall storefront sandwich place where I purchased a fresh turkey hero with provolone (added 25 cents to the price), lettuce, tomato and onion (because I’m not going to be kissing anybody today) and mayo on delicious soft hero bread for only…$4.00! Wow, what bargain! Adding a Snapple Peach iced tea brought my total to only $5.50 – about $2.00 less than you’d pay at a Subway if you could even find one around this ghost town.

Telly’s Heros and Sandwiches is located at 99 Greene St (one block off Montgomery), in lovely downtown Jersey City. Update: Sadly, Telly’s closed its doors permanently in 2013.

0 thoughts on “Seriously Delicious Hero Sandwiches Discovered in Jersey City

  1. Dude, I had a phenomenal sandwich in the city yesterday. It was at Sandwich Planet on 9th Ave between 39 and 40 (somewhere in between there…lol) It was AMAZING, but apparently they’re moving from 9th to 8th…anyways, it was literally one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in my life AND they deliver.


  2. I don’t know what’s more surprising – that you found a good $4 sammich, or that you weren’t kissing anyone that day.


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