Bad Idea Tattoo of The Day: Patrick Swayze as Chippendale’s Centaur

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OK, I understand that Patrick Swayze is practically on death’s doorstep right now from cancer that he brought on himself by smoking. Too bad, you know, because he was really good as Keanu Reeves’ Idol-slash-Adversary in Point Break, and not bad at all in Dirty Dancing. And it’s never an admirable thing to make jokes at the expense of the dying. But still, this tattoo depicting Swayze as half Chippendale’s Dancer, half Centaur, accented by a rainbow ribbon background – which, thank god, is not actually on the body of Patrick Swayze – is just the worst.

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  1. I don’t know, Gail. That is a pretty rad tattoo. I might go for an exact duplicate of this one instead of getting a squirrel on my inner thigh reaching up to grab my nuts.

  2. Ok I am totally rethinking my next tattoo! I really wish we could see a pic of the ding-a-ling who’s sportin this puppy for the rest of his life.

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