Remembering Dee Dee Ramone

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On This Day, June 5th, in 2002: Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone (born Douglas Colvin) was found dead by his wife Barbara in his Hollywood, CA home. An autopsy would reveal the cause of death to be a heroin overdose. It’s sort of interesting timing that Poisoned Heart, a very gritty but also very loving biography written by DeeDee’s first wife, Vera, will be in stores next week. I’m actually attending the book release party this coming Sunday. I’m sure that there will be more than few damp eyes in the room at that event. RIP Dee Dee.

dee dee ramone grave photo by gail worley
Dee Dee’s Gravesite at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in California (Photo By Gail)

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  1. Hi I’m Joe Flocco – I have seen the Ramones…hmm..I can’t count how many times. I used to Work @ the Left Bank in Mt Vernon NY. I used to take the band to eat next store at Plaza 14. I would start the food fight. Seeing the band time after time never got boring. It got kinda fun each time. Joey once puked all over me and the fans picked off the vomit. It seems that Dee Dee was all time favorite with the fans. Many that I hung out with all talked about Dee Dee. Good stuff. How he is the greatest member of the band. He is the coolest, so many things about him. So on that note I just a moment of silence for Dee Dee. He was well-liked.
    – Joe

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