Classic Post-Punk Single of the Day: “Everywhere That I’m Not” By Translator

translator heartbeats cover
“Yeah, You’re Everywhere That I’m Not…”

On this Date, June 23rd in in 1982: Translator released their debut album, Heartbeats And Triggers. The album included the single, “Everywhere That I’m Not,” which was such a guilty pleasure of mine back in the day, when it used to get played once every 90 minutes on KROQ FM. I especially loved the walking bass line and the parts where the guy singing would mention all of the places that his girlfriend/love interest was that he was not. What a fun song!

Thanks to The P5 Blogspot: This Day in 80s Music for the tip!

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  1. You’re in Tokyo, but I’m not.
    This and the Members’ “Working Girl” – somehow I associate them. Awesome, awesome music that is still very much alive in my house.
    You should come over and hang out in my den sometime. You and Andrea can sit at the vintage bar by the fireplace while I pour the drinks and crank up the hi-fi.
    Not kidding about the den, or the invite. Gotta be some reason for you to come to Seattle sometime!

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