A Peak At Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland

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I’m not what you’d consider to be any kind of fan of Tim Burton’s directing or story telling skills – aside from, say, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure or Ed Wood, which is a work of genius – but even if his “reimagining” of Alice in Wonderland (due out spring 2010) is complete ass, I’ll still see it just to take in the visuals, which from the looks of the picture above, are just insane.

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  1. I’ll only see it if there is some sort of mind-altering drug involved. If not, I’ll pass. It just looks TOO similar to everything else he does.

  2. The set looks visually stunning. I saw a photo of Johnny Depp’s make up and it looks a bit too much “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.” I’m sure the movie will be awesome though!

    P.S. Happy 6th birthday!

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