Pink Thing of The Day: A Sea of Pink

Sea of Pink

Bullies completely suck. Speaking as a person who was bullied relentlessly in junior high and high school, I can tell you that the white hot desire to inflict a reciprocal schoolyard beat-down never goes away. And what does that solve? Nothing, really. But sometimes, an individual, or two, has the courage to stand up to bullies and diffuse their idiocy with actions showing solidarity for the victim of the bullying. Honestly, we need to see more of that degree of kindness and tolerance going on. “That’s all well and good, but what does this have to do with the Pink Thing of The Day,” you ask? I’m getting to that. Here’s a cool story (from 2007) about two high school students in Nova Scotia who defended a fellow student against gay hate by organizing a day where a large group of students wore pink to school. “Pink Shirt Day” now takes place anually on February 25th. Because gay people rock, and bullies can suck it.

Thanks to Adam at the P5 for the tip!

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