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Pink Thing of The Day: No Mask No Empathy T Shirt By Austen Marie

no mask no empathy image by austen marie

I would never wish for anyone to become ill with the Covid, but if you’re outside your home and you’re not wearing a mask over your nose and mouth, then you are asking for it. No mask, no empathy. Wear one of these awesome shirts, designed by Austen Marie, and piss off the Karens and Chads who refuse to mask up because they are ignorant idiots They’ll be dead soon, so I hope it was worth it. This slogan is available to rock on a variety of T-Shirts, Hoodies and even Masks, and there are many other colors besides pink to choose from, but this is the Pink Thing of The Day, Bitches! Adult T-Shirt prices start at just $19.95, so get some quarantine shopping done now at This Link!

no mask no empathy image by austen marie

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Silk Western Shirt Worn by Gene Autry

Autry Pink Shirt
Photos By Gail

One of my favorite museums to visit when I am in L.A. is the Autry Museum of The American West, located in Griffith Park, which was co-founded by singing cowboy actor Gene Autry. Autry built the museum, which opened in 1988 (ten years before his death) to exhibit and interpret the heritage of the West and show how it influenced America and the world. It’s really a fantastic place with a huge collection of Old West memorabilia, movie props and costumes, western-inspired toys, Native American artworks and artifacts, galleries full of antique fire arms, and rotating exhibits that are both fun and educational. I cannot recommend it highly enough for any tourist, and if you live California, you simply must go.

Autry Pink Shirt

Autry became a Sergeant in the US Airforce and served as a pilot and Flight Officer during World War II. While in the service, he continued to perform and wore this Pink Silk Shirt by Rodeo Ben Western Wear (circa 1940s) at U.S. Bond rallies and as a USO performer. It’s amazing that the shirt is so well preserved and is still in excellent condition nearly eighty years after its creation.

Pink Thing of The Day: “Make Me a Sandwich” Dinosaur T Shirt

Make Me A Sandwich
Photo by Gail

Fabulous T Shirt modeled by Geoffrey in the New Museum on Bowery, NYC.