Classic Post-Punk Single of The Day: Thomas Dolby’s “Europa And The Pirate Twins”


On This Date, September 15th, in 1981: Thomas Dolby released his second solo single, “Europa And The Pirate Twins,” from his debut album, The Golden Age Of Wireless. The single reached the #48 spot on the U.K. singles chart and the #67 spot on the U.S. singles chart. In “Europa And The Pirate Twins” Dolby makes use of a fantastic word economy to tell the story of a man who pines for a long-lost adolescent friendship with a woman who has grown up to become a famous starlet. For my money, it is one of the most gorgeous and painfully sentimental songs every written.

3 thoughts on “Classic Post-Punk Single of The Day: Thomas Dolby’s “Europa And The Pirate Twins””

  1. Not only was this my favorite song he ever did, but I had the priviledge of working for him later in life. Thanks for the memories Gail!

    In a meeting with a reporter about his tech company, the reporter asked him about this song. I was wondering if he’d answer, but he didn’t, he just made a face.

  2. Oh, what a gorgeous song… Interview him 3 times, review three shows in less than two years? If you had told the 15-year-old me that would happen someday, as I lay on the floor listening to Golden Age of Wireless and daydreaming, my head would’ve exploded. It still might.

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