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Push Pin Pumps By Laura Escamilla!

Push Pin Pumps
All Photos By Gail

Beautiful shoes can certainly be considered works of art, and in the case of these Hot Pink beauties created from ordinary push pins, that is exactly the case.

Push Pin Pumps

These striking Push Pin Shoes (1981), designed by Laura Escamilla, were part of a Public Art Installation called Obsessorize: Common Objects Uncommon Accessories, a joint venture between Madison Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) and students at the SVA 3D Design department.

Push Pin Pumps

These shoes were spotted somewhere along Madison Avenue in the upper 70s. The exhibit was co-sponsored by Marie Claire magazine.

Push Pin Pumps

Modern Art Monday Presents: Jasper Johns, Between The Clock and The Bed

Johns Between the Clock and The Bed
All Photos By Gail

Jasper Johns began to incorporate a cross-hatch pattern in his paintings after seeing it on a car: “It had all the qualities that interest me — literalness, repetitiveness, an obsessive quality, order with dumbness, and the possibility of a complete lack of meaning.” Using encaustic, a method of paint that suspends pigment in hot wax, Johns created lush, layered paintings with richly textured surfaces.

Munch Between the Clock and The Bed
Edvard Munch, Self-Portrait Between the Clock and The Bed

Between The Clock and The Bed (1981) reference’s Self-Portrait Between The Clock and The Bed (1940 – 43), one of artist Edvard Munch’s last works.

Jasper Johns Photographed in the Museum of Modern Art NYC. Edvard Munch Photographed in the Met Breuer, NYC.

Modern Art Monday Presents: Dracula By Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, Dracula from Myths Series, 1981
Photos By Gail

Andy Warhol’s use of silkscreens as a production method allowed him to make multiple identical prints of the same image very quickly. In this way, he completely revolutionized contemporary art and was uniquely responsible for elevating commercial imagery to the level of gallery work. Warhol’s bold and captivating image of Dracula, from his Myths Series, (1981) exists in a series of several hundred images, some of which were modified to look like the image below. These original Warhol’s were photographed by me at the Martin Lawrence Galleries on West Broadway in Manhattan. And they can be yours, if the price is right.

Andy Warhol, Dracula from Myths Series, 1981

Lene Lovich Releases "New Toy"

“New Toy” Japanese Picture Sleeve

On This Date, February 24th, in 1981: Lene Lovich released her eighth single, “New Toy” (on Stiff Records),  which was written for her by Thomas Dolby.

The Teardrop Explodes’ Wilder Turns 29!

Image Source

On This Date in 1981: The Teardrop Explodes released their second album, Wilder, which included the singles “Colours Fly Away”, “Passionate Friend”and “Tiny Children,” but every track on the album is amazing.  Wilder reached position #29 on the UK albums chart but did not chart in the US, though it is certainly one of my very favorite albums of the 80s.

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Classic Post-Punk Single of The Day: Thomas Dolby’s “Europa And The Pirate Twins”


On This Date, September 15th, in 1981: Thomas Dolby released his second solo single, “Europa And The Pirate Twins,” from his debut album, The Golden Age Of Wireless. The single reached the #48 spot on the U.K. singles chart and the #67 spot on the U.S. singles chart. In “Europa And The Pirate Twins” Dolby makes use of a fantastic word economy to tell the story of a man who pines for a long-lost adolescent friendship with a woman who has grown up to become a famous starlet. For my money, it is one of the most gorgeous and painfully sentimental songs every written.

Favorite Eighties Album of the Day: The Psychedelic Furs’ Talk Talk Talk


“Have another cigarette and have another cigarette…”

On this date, May 21st, in 1981: The Psychedelic Furs released their second album, Talk Talk Talk. The album charted in the US, breaking through to the #89 spot and spawned three singles, “Mr. Jones”, “Dumb Waiters” (#59 UK) and “Pretty In Pink” (#43 UK). Years later, when “Pretty In Pink” inspired the eponymous film, an inferior version of the song was recorded and re-released as a single, reaching the #18 spot in the UK and the #41 spot in the US. The group disbanded in 1991 with brothers Richard and Tim Butler forming Love Spit Love. In 2000, Psychedelic Furs re-formed with the brothers Butler and Jon Ashton back in the fold.  Personally, I played the fuck out of this album both at home and on my radio shows, broadcast on KUCI, 89.9 FM in Irvine. As a side note, The Furs were perhaps the first “high profile band” I remember hanging out with back stage. Tim Butler changed out of his stage pants right in front of me, I swear.

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