Remembering Benjamin Orr

Benjamin Orr

On This Date, October 3rd in 2000: Benjamin Orr, bassist and one of the vocalists for The Cars died of pancreatic cancer at his home in Atlanta, GA. He was 53 years old. Ben sang lead on The Cars’ breakthrough hit, “Just What I Needed” and on the band’s biggest hit, “Drive.” Also, he was super hot. RIP Ben!

4 thoughts on “Remembering Benjamin Orr”

  1. That’s tragic, that just broke my heart. I don’t know how I missed even hearing about this. I saw the Candy-O tour. I thought they were awesome. Some people thought they were boring on stage. But who cares, they sounded as good as their well produced recordings. Poor Ben. R.I.P.

  2. May he rest in peace. I saw him in a tv interview months before he died–he looked so frail. Damn cancer.

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