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Eye On Design: Workbox School Desk

Workbox School Desk
All Photos By Gail

A proposed remedy for problems faced by crowded New York City classrooms, the Workbox (2000) is a collapsible elementary school desk featuring a side blackboard for sanctioned graffiti and a private locker to stow clothes, preventing the spread of lice.

Workbox School Desk Detail
Desk Storage Detail

Designed by Deborah Gans and Matthew Jelacic, The New York School Construction Authority anticipated citywide distribution of the inventive design, but commissioned only 50 examples for evaluation.

Workbox School Desk

Photographed at the New York Historical Society, Located at 170 Central Park West in Manhattan.

Workbox School Desk

Eureka By Brian Tolle at Federal Hall

Eureka Installation View
All Photos By Gail

Eureka is the name of this 40-foot tall  monumental sculpture, which depicts a rippling and distorted façade of a 17th century Dutch Canal House (paying homage to 40 years of Dutch rule in New York). Originally created by artist Brian Tolle for curatror Jan Hoet’s city-wide exhibition, Over the Edges (2000), in Ghent, Belgium, its representation in Federal Hall blurs the site’s architectural and political history with the contemporary in the conceptual artwork. Previously, the sculpture was on display at C24 Gallery in Chelsea as part of Tolle’s February 2018 exhibit, Bent.

Eureka Installed at C24 Gallery
Eureka Installed at C24 Gallery

The sculpture’s ripped appearance is meant to emulate the building’s rippled reflection in the flowing waterway that it borders.

Eureka Panoramic View

Tolle describes Eureka as “a sculptural play with illusion — a facade of a facade. Its Dutch-inspired form points to New York’s early history and its fluid, but troubled transformation from a Dutch seat of power to a British colony, to an American platform for diversity and democracy.” It’s sad to think that there are so many serious threats to that democracy right now. While you’re checking out Eureka, be sure to tour the rest of Federal Hall and see the various historical items on exhibit.

Federal Hall Exterior View
Statue of George Washington with Wall Street and The Stock Exchange as Seen From the Entrance to Federal Hall.

Federal Hall

Eureka Brochure

Brian Tolle’s Eureka will be on Display Through September 8th, 2018 at Federal Hall National Memorial, Located at 26 Wall Street (Across from the Exchange) in the Financial District, NYC.

Remembering Benjamin Orr

Benjamin Orr

On This Date, October 3rd in 2000: Benjamin Orr, bassist and one of the vocalists for The Cars died of pancreatic cancer at his home in Atlanta, GA. He was 53 years old. Ben sang lead on The Cars’ breakthrough hit, “Just What I Needed” and on the band’s biggest hit, “Drive.” Also, he was super hot. RIP Ben!