Remembering Frank Zappa

Zappa and Parents

On This Date, December 4th, in 1993: Frank Zappa died of prostate cancer at his home in Los Angeles with his wife Gail and children, Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva, at his side. He was 52 years old. In the image above, Zappa poses with his parents in the living room of his Los Angeles home. On the wall directly behind him is the Ed Beardsley painting Pretties For You, which was eventually used as the cover art and title for the first album by the band Alice Cooper.

Pretties for You ACG

10 thoughts on “Remembering Frank Zappa

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen this picture, what a great shot! I always think of the music that might have been. Glad that I at least got to shake his hand, even though he was clearly annoyed!


  2. Zappa is sadly missed, he was a complete genius and his legacy is sublime. I loved this album and the artwork is superb. I wish Frank was alive to witness the obscene mess the world of politics is in…


  3. Frank is sorely missed by his devotees and of course, the Grand Wazoo! R.I.P.

    *What would you do, Daddy?*
    If she were my daughter I’d…
    *What would you do, Daddy?*
    Smother my daughter in chocolate syrup,
    And strap her on again, *Oh baby!*
    Smother that girl in chocolate syrup,
    And strap her on again!
    She’s a *Teenage Baby,* and she turns me on,
    I’d like to make her do a *nasty*
    On the White House Lawn!
    Gonna smother that daughter in chocolate syrup,
    And boogie till the cows come home! 😀

    ~~Brown Shoes Don’t Make It –FZ


  4. Thanks for this. I love the early Frank Zappa & the early Alice Cooper, a lot of people thought their 1st 2 albums were strange, I love them. Thanks for remembering Frank.


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