Carole A. Feuerman’s Sea Idylls on the Park Avenue Malls

bibi on the ball by carole a feureman photo by gail worley
Bibi On The Ball By Carole A. Feureman (All Photos By Gail)

If you’re an art fan who loves taking advantage of the many free things there are to do and see in New York City, then sometimes you can be a little bit late to the party.  Maybe you missed the initial wave of press announcing Sea Idylls, Carole A. Feuerman’s hyper-realist sculptures of swimmers and acrobats installed on the Park Avenue Malls way back in April, because you were too busy paying attention to other stuff. Surely, it’s impossible to keep up on everything.

If so, then there’s a good chance you never would’ve known about Sea Idylls, and would have completely missed the chance to see them if you hadn’t seen this post right now. So you can thank me for that, because the good news is you still have until next March to check them out, say “Oh, Wow” a bunch of times and get a little bit of exercise, and bring out of town friends to see them. You’re welcome.

quan by carole a feuerman photo by gail worley

This exhibit of nine monumental sculptures is sponsored by Patrons of Park Avenue (POPA), and it’s only the second POPA-sponsored exhibit since French / Tunisian artist Idriss B’s geometric animal sculptures roamed the malls from February 2022 into February of this year. Feuerman’s work is familiar to me as I’ve been following her for years, so I knew they would be spectacular, because all of her work is like that.  I mean, they look like real ladies , amiright?

bibi on the ball by carole a feureman photo by gail worley

Feuerman even sculpts tiny water droplets on her swimmer’s skin! Amazing!

pisces being photographed by fan photo by gail worley

Ready for her close up!

pisces photograph by gail worley

As you can see, I visited the exhibit on an somewhat overcast day, but photographing them on a sunny day would alter the mood of your pictures greatly! Fortunately,  there’s time to go back again and again.

new york city slicker photo by air worley
New York City Slicker

A little rain won’t dampen her mood!

survival of serena photo by gailworley
Survival of Serena

Carole A. Feuerman’s Sea Idyll’s Monumental Hyper-Realistic Sculptures will be on Exhibit along the Park Avenue Malls Between 34th and 38th Streets Until March 24th, 2024!

justice photo by gail worley

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