Evil Russell Loses Survivor! Yes!

Natali and Russell

Suck It, Russell

Ah, Christmas has come early this year. I cannot tell you how much sweet, sweet schadenfreude I felt watching Russell lose the $1 million dollar prize. To Natalie White. A woman. That arrogant, misogynist, self- aggrandizing prick. I’m not normally a hateful person, but it was deeply satisfying to see how upset and disappointed he was. I really wanted him to cry. What a sore loser! If he’s on the next season, Heroes and Villains (or whatever they’re calling it) I hope he goes first.

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  1. Russell’s mistake was that he forgot part of surviving included being liked to some degree. How could he not have seen that most of the folks HATED him? Who cares about his “honesty” pertaining to playing to win. The only person who actually liked the guy (Shambo) was almost as hated as Russ himself… It’s not about winning by beating others, it is about surviving and he couldn’t see the difference. He could’ve faked some humility and maybe gotten one more vote – still not enough, though. I see him cast in the next Chuck Manson biopic; he’s a shoe-in.

  2. imPOSING got it absolutely right – Russell needed to show some HUMANITY to the jury and he showed nothing but cockiness. Fuck Russell. I’m SO GLAD that Natalie whopped his ass!

    Rumor has it that he IS on Heroes Vs Villains (probably bc Probst has a man-crush on him!) and I hope the other Survivors tear him a new one.

    Here are some other thoughts too: http://thelittlestwinslow.wordpress.com/2009/12/22/survivor-samoa-finale-are-we-happy-with-the-outcome/

  3. oh…AND when Natalie appeared on The Early Show to get her check….Russell was sitting NEXT TO HER! I couldn’t believe they would do that. Then Russell continued to say on live television (again) that she didn’t deserve it. What a loser. I wanted to see him cry too.

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