Shark Attack Sleeping Bag!

Land Shark

Shark Attack themed items are one of our favorite things to feature here on The Gig, but we also enjoy promoting interesting and unusual plush toys. Now you can own an oversized shark plush that’s actually a child’s sleeping bag, courtesy of artist/designer Kendra Phillips and plush manufacturer Patch Together. The ChumBuddy, as it’s being marketed, is a 7 foot long monster plush that will be available to ship in the 4th quarter of 2010. The good news is that you can pre-order this delightful, soft and cuddly menace of the deep right now for just $199.95 (includes free ground shipping to US addresses) at Patch Together! Shark Attack while you sleep!

Thanks to Plastic and Plush For the Tip.

3 thoughts on “Shark Attack Sleeping Bag!”

  1. Love it! My friend had a really badass Discovery Channel Shark Week themed slip and slide. It was awesome – we used tons of dish soap to make us slide faster.

    I’d like to tell you that it was during my childhood, but in actuality, it was only a few years ago, haha!

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