Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Fish Massager!

The website where I found this unique item, It’s Pink UK, calls it a Pink Fish Massager, but I think all us adults here know what “massager” is really a euphemism for (wink wink). It’s described further as “Quiet and powerful! Waterproof fun for everyone!” the Pink Fish Massager can be yours for only 16.99 GBS or about $25. Worth every penny, I’d wager.

0 thoughts on “Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Fish Massager!”

  1. Gail — You mean you haven’t bought one of these yet? Although I’m confused about what other purpose this item could possibly have besides the advertised purpose, I think it looks cool and I must have one. I’m also drawn to the pink toy train. However, I’m disappointed that in today’s socially advanced world, anything pink is still considered a “girl’s” item. When will us male heteros be allowed to embrace the power of pink without having our masculinity or sexuality challenged? Now if I could just find my Justin Timberlake CD. I know it’s around here somewhere. Oh, here it is — right next to my Jeffree Starr tickets!

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