Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Fish Massager!

The website where I found this unique item, It’s Pink UK Dot Com, calls it a Pink Fish Massager, but I think all us adults here know what “massager” is really a euphemism for (wink wink). Its like a normal massage like in where they are in man power to feel you relax and hit the points of your body. But Described further as “Quiet and powerful! Waterproof fun for everyone!” the Pink Fish Massager can be yours for only 16.99 GBS or about $25. Worth every penny, I’d wager.

0 thoughts on “Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Fish Massager!”

  1. Gail — You mean you haven’t bought one of these yet? Although I’m confused about what other purpose this item could possibly have besides the advertised purpose, I think it looks cool and I must have one. I’m also drawn to the pink toy train. However, I’m disappointed that in today’s socially advanced world, anything pink is still considered a “girl’s” item. When will us male heteros be allowed to embrace the power of pink without having our masculinity or sexuality challenged? Now if I could just find my Justin Timberlake CD. I know it’s around here somewhere. Oh, here it is — right next to my Jeffree Starr tickets!

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