Bacon Thing of the Day: Bust of Kevin Bacon Made From Bacon

Bacon, Kevin Bacon

This life-size bust of actor Kevin Bacon, made from actual bacon bits coated with multiple layers of lacquer to preserve its inedible beauty, goes up for sale by auction today on eBay, with proceeds from its sale benefitting children’s cancer charity Ashley’s Team. The auction ends October 9, 2010 at 1:30 PM Pacific time, so get bidding!

AOL News has a very entertaining and informative story about the impetus for creating the bacon bust and how it was made at This Link.

Thanks to Neatorama Dot Com For The Tip!

0 thoughts on “Bacon Thing of the Day: Bust of Kevin Bacon Made From Bacon”

  1. You don’t get any more BACON-Y than that!

    PS side story – my friends were hiking in CT one weekend and Kevin Bacon walked by them….in the middle of the woods. They all thought it was pretty funny, especially the two that had previously indulged in some herbal refreshments.

    PPS – Kevin Bacon’s performance in Friday the 13th is top notch!

  2. Came across this one from Linkwithin, and it made me laugh out loud. SCARY that I posted a comment a mere 18 days ago and have no recollection of it.

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