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Happy National LEGO Day, 2023!

Today, January 28th, is National LEGO Day for 2023! Did you even know that such a day exists? I probably did, but you are excused if you had no idea, because who would? Please enjoy this photo of a Giant LEGO Gandalf, the Wizard from Lord of The Rings, that I snapped while visiting the LEGO Store on Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street in Manhattan. If you want to see him for yourself, he’s probably still there!

Idriss B’s Geometric Animal Sculptures Take Over Park Avenue

rexor the t rex photo by gail worley
All Photos and Story By Gail Worley

There’s some new wildlife prowling around the Park Avenue Malls between 34th and 38th Streets, but it’s no reason for alarm. These creatures — which range from Gorillas and Buffalos to a T Rex and Saber Tooth Tiger are part of a public art installation sponsored by Patrons of Park Avenue (POPA). French / Tunisian artist Idriss B has created a fantastical menagerie in his signature origami-like, polygonal style, which has taken up residence in the Murray Hill-adjacent neighborhood for a full year. Let’s meet some of them!
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Art Conservation Versus Restoration: What’s the Difference?

fragmentary colossal head of a youth at met photo by gail worley
Fragmentary Colossal Head of a Youth (Photo by Gail)

Many who pride themselves on being knowledgeable about art are missing important distinctions about the difference between art conservation and art restoration. While they are both concerned with improving the appearance of artwork, the processes vary greatly. Understanding these differences is important for art owners who are looking to restore or conserve their pieces. Read on to help yourself differentiate between art conservation and art restoration.

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Instagram Photo The Week: Gail Meets Herb Alpert

FaceBook (now Meta) isn’t good for much, other than swiftly bringing about the decline of Western Civilization, but it does offer a handy reminder of everything you’ve done on any given day for the past however many years of your life. How else would I ever call that eight years ago today, Geoffrey and I were bundled up like Eskimos at an art opening of totem-like sculptures by the absolutely legendary musician Help Alpert? I’ve interviewed a ton of famous Rock Stars, but meeting Herb in person did that little thing to me (you know, that little thing). Swoon.

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Modern Art Monday Presents: Triple Helix By Kelly Akashi

triple helix by kelly akashi photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Kelly Akashi’s Triple Helix (2020) evokes relationships among bodies across time, history, and memory.  Akashi imagines the biomorphic glass sculptures — inspired by the simple contours of figural, pre-Hispanic ceramics — as ancestral female bodies tethered by a snaking coil of rope.

triple helix detail photo by gail worley

When the quartz bell suspended overhead is chimed, it emits a low-pitched tone that Akashi intends “to be felt in the deepest part of your body.” The combinatin of sound, vibrations, and blown glass encourages a moment of reverent self-awareness.

Photographed in The Brooklyn Museum.

triple helix by kelly akashi photo by gail worley