Blood Slide Candy: How to Make it!

For fans of the fantastic Showtime series Dexter, a box of blood slides is instantly recognizable as the personal collection of souvenirs that Dexter keeps from each kill. The surprise behind the clinical-looking slides pictured above is that they’re not biological samples from a medical lab but delicious candies made from simple syrup, a few drops of food coloring and a hefty dose of ingenuity. Halloween party planners with a particularly ghoulish sense of humor may want try out this recipe for Blood Slide Candy, found over at Forkable Dot Com.

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2 thoughts on “Blood Slide Candy: How to Make it!”

  1. Imagine handing these out to kids. Oh, wait — kids don’t do the door-to-door thing anymore. Too much poison; too many razorblades. Besides, all that walking interferes with their texting.

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