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Z!NG Revolution Brand Launch Party and Ultimate Dorm Room Installation!

Zing Logo
All Photos By Gail

When I was a rebellious teenager living at home, the walls of my bedroom were plastered wall to wall, floor to ceiling with posters and photos torn from magazine pages of all of my favorite Rock Stars. I was defined as a person by the music I loved and the Rockers I worshipped, and I wanted everyone who entered my room to know it. Loud and proud! I imagine that kids today feel a similar need for self-expression, but, of course, the hyper-vigilance of marketing companies and the ubiquity of social media, propelled by the overwhelming deluge of pop culture stars, images and brands, makes the practice of tacking a Rock Star pin-up to a wall seem almost quaint and old-fashioned. Oldness!

Zing Skins Behind Desk

A company called Z!NG Revolution (formerly MusicSkins) has harnessed the power of a $150 million dollar vinyl skin industry (Note: Skin = picture of stuff that covers other stuff) that has completely transformed the manner in which people express their individuality. Their slogan, “What does your stuff say about you,” says it all. Indeed: “My stuff says everything!”

Zing Skins On Desk

I found this out when I attended Z!NG Revolution’s fun launch party last night, and got the vibe of what skinning is all about.

Zing Skins Behind Bed

Now you can cover the surface anything you own with images of your favorite musician, actor, cartoon character or TV star. It is pretty cool. And unlike back in the day, when the only way to make posters and photos stick to a wall was with tacks or tape – not very friendly to the wall’s paint job – these vinyl skins stick to any surface thanks to simple static.

Zing Skins On Microwave
Every Dorm Room Needs a Microwave with Snooki’s Face On It

To show off the vast range of their skin products, Z!NG Revolution has also created The Ultimate Dorm Room: a unique Pop Art Installation inspired by Zing’s many images – from colorful iPad and skateboard skins to poster-sized vinyl skins of the most popular faces in pop culture including One Direction, Justin Bieber, Snooki and Taylor Swift (all artists I don’t give a crap about) and also stuff I dig such as contemporary pop artist Ron English (!), TV shows such as Dexter and old school rock icons like The Sex Pistols, Elvis and The Beatles – so, something for everyone!

Zing Party Food 1

There was also some alcohol and good food to nosh on, and the ambiance of relentlessly awesome Rock of The ‘80s tunes spun with great expertise by DJ Raquel Bruno!

DJ Raquel
DJ Raquel Spins “Nowhere Girl” By B Movie. Woo!

Thanks to Workman Entertainment and PR for hosting!

Zing Desk
I’m Not Sure How Many College Students Are Rocking Photos of Justin Bieber on their Desks, But You Get the Idea

Check Out Z!NG Revolution at This Link!

The Ultimate Dorm Room Pop Art Installation (Located in the offices of WE + PR, 118 E 28th Street between Park and Lexington) is also available for viewing, by appointment, until December 20th, 2012 by calling 212-256-0592.

Blood Slide Candy: How to Make it!

For fans of the fantastic Showtime series Dexter, a box of blood slides is instantly recognizable as the personal collection of souvenirs that Dexter keeps from each kill. The surprise behind the clinical-looking slides pictured above is that they’re not biological samples from a medical lab but delicious candies made from simple syrup, a few drops of food coloring and a hefty dose of ingenuity. Halloween party planners with a particularly ghoulish sense of humor may want try out this recipe for Blood Slide Candy, found over at Forkable Dot Com.

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Showtime House in Tribeca, See It While You Can!

Showtime House Montage
See Rooms Inspired By All of These Shows at Showtime House!

As a hardcore NYC-loving gal, I am always looking for fun weekend adventures to have here in the city. Today I am putting fans of Modern Interior Design and / or Showtime Television programming on notice: you only have two more weeks to see the mind-blowing awesomeness that is Showtime House, which Geoffrey and I spent a couple of hours exploring yesterday afternoon. For this years’ exhibit, two New York penthouses – located at the top of the luxurious Tribeca Summit Lofts building – have been transformed by a selection of renowned designers into thematic rooms inspired by Showtime’s 6 Original Series; Californication, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, The Tudors, United States of Tara and Weeds. The exhibit is a collaboration between the Showtime channel and Metropolitan Home, and features entirely different rooms than those found in last year’s Gramercy Park Showtime House. So even if you went last year, you will want to go again.

Weeds Dining Room
Weeds Dining Room

My favorite rooms this year were the Weeds and Dexter Dining Rooms and the United States of Tara Duplex, which included this very cute snack nook inspired by Tara’s “T” personality.

US of Tara T Ice Cream Party

Geoffrey and I also enjoyed the Nurse Jackie Bedroom and all of the rooms inspired by The Tudors, even though I do not personally watch that show, because it sucks, hard. Showtime House, located at 415 Greenwich Street (I strongly recommend first consulting Hopstop.com for directions) runs through the weekend of October 18th and the exhibit is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily. Admission is $20, but if you bring your Time Warner Cable statement, you can get in for free. If you do happen to score the free admission, you might still want to leave a small donation, since proceeds benefit the Housing Works project, which provides services to homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS. This exhibit is not to be missed, and photography is allowed so bring a camera if you have one!

G and G at Showtime House Nurse Jackie

G and G in Nurse Jackie Bedroom!

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Just in Time for Halloween: The Blood Stained Bath Mat!

Bloodbath Mat” Get It?

I don’t usually consider myself to be in possession of a particularly sick sense of humor, but I do appreciate the twisted sensibility of this Blood Stained Bath Mat. Maybe that’s because I am currently immersed in trying to get caught up on three seasons of Dexter. Buy one for yourself (only $29.80, what a bargain!) at This Link!

Thanks to Miss Cellania at Mental Floss For The Tip!

Cool Furniture Design: The Blood Table!

Image Source

Fans of Vampires and the TV show Dexter are really going to drop dead with excitement at the thought of owning this gorgeous red Blood Table, which I personally love to death. See other blood-themed home design ideas at Web Urbanist Dot Com.

Obscenely Expensive Corporate Gimmick of the Week: Showtime House!

Bloody Gorgeous!

I honestly can’t recall ever watching more than one or two episodes, let alone an entire season, of any Showtime series ever in my life. Because I’m really more of an HBO gal. But Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House, a newly renovated town home located in NYC’s exclusive Gramercy Park neighborhood (my dentist has his office there) where each room is decorated to thematically tie-in with a popular Showtime series, has me intrigued to maybe rent the past few seasons of Dexter on DVD. Because, man, that dining room is just rad.

See the various room interiors of Showtime House and read all about the project at this link.

Pink Lounge