That’ll Be The Day

On This Date, October 23rd in 1972:  Filming began for the British film That’ll Be the Day, a coming of age story set in the late 50s / early 60s starring David Essex (of “Rock On” fame) and Ringo Starr, with Keith Moon in a memorable, drum playing cameo. That’ll Be the Day is a fairly bleak look at life in post-war Britain and, more importantly, the central character, Jim (David Essex) isn’t a very nice guy. But if you’re a fan of The Beatles, this film is a fascinating re-creation of the environment in which they and the entire British Invasion came of age. Of further interest to fans of The Beatles and The Who, the film is somewhat based on the early life of John Lennon, and Pete Townshend wrote the song “Long Live Rock” for the soundtrack. That’ll Be the Day has never been released on DVD but you can stream it online if you subscribe to Netflix. The story moves a little slowly, but it is worth checking out.

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  1. Yeah, this is a great tip – I’ve seen Stardust, with Essex playing Jim Maclaine again, many times, including a few at the old Balboa Theater, but I’ve never even heard of this. Stardust also features Keith Moon plus Dave Edmunds as members of Maclaine’s rocker band “The Stray Cats,” and former teen idol Adam Faith as their manager. Was Stardust a sequel to “That’ll Be the Day”? Sounds like almost the same story, but I should stop blathering and watch the movie. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Jeff, Thanks for the comment. Yes, “Stardust” is a sequel to “That’ll Be The Day.” Can’t find “Stardust” on DVD though and it’s not available for streaming on Netflix! Bummer! — G

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