The McRib Returns

“McRib is People.” That’s what my friends and I used to say about McDonalds’ boneless McRib sandwich when it first appeared back in the ’70s. McDonalds just announced that they’re bringing the McRib back to selected restaurants as a limited-time promotion, but I can’t imagine who would want to eat this thing.

It tasted pretty gross back then and I’m sure it’s comparatively awful now. However, I just read this article, The Ineluctable Return of the McRib over at Salon, where author Francis Lam waxes nostalgic for the McRib in a way that was absolutely hilarious! Lam expressed great enthusiasm and conveyed such a profound sense of nostalgia for the McRib experience that, except for the unfortunate use of the word “Ineluctable” in the title – which, really, has Salon no editors? – I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Check it out at the link above if you’ve ever tasted a McRib and want a good laugh!

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  1. I don’t get it either. Everything at McDonald’s is gross, pumped with chemicals (over 75 in the fries alone), and will probably kill you. I’m with you, Gail!

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