Taylor Momsen’s Shake & Bake Commercial

I’ve never seen even one episode of the TV show Gossip Girl, but you’d have to be dead from the neck up – or, say, older than dirt – to not know actress Taylor Momsen, the bleach-blond hair, raccoon eyed, teenage hell raiser who plays Jenny Humphrey on a show that, seriously, you would have to pay me to watch. Ugh, what a parent’s nightmare. The thing is, I had no idea that Taylor – much like another hot mess of a young actress she seeks most to emulate, Lindsey Lohan – was a child actress as well. Here’s Taylor at age 3, on a Shake & Bake commercial that almost makes me forget how much I hate kids. Gee whiz, what a little nubbin she is.

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    1. Nick – I have not heard her band but would hedge my bets that they are not terribly good. Also, I would not admit to still being on Myspace. (shhhh). — G

  1. I’m a sweet young thing, so I guess that leaves me dead from the neck up, because I have no clue who this chick is, which I credit to having no cable television and sometimes no television at all. Aside from that, I’m fine from the neck up, thank you very much, and from the waist down, too, so no complaints.

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