T-Shirt of the Week: Terry, Patron Saint of 80s Metal

Starting Monday, November 15th, Formula Werks‘ featured T-Shirt of the Week is the Ken Keirns-designed Terry: Patron Saint of 80’s Metal — which will be available to purchase for one week only. I have to confess that a shirt called “Terry, Patron Saint of 80s Metal” is particularly hilarious to me, as I know a guy named Terry who is quite passionate, if highly elitist, about his own musical taste, and he certainly never misses a chance to take a dump on my great love of 80s Metal, even if he has to go way off topic for the opportunity. Irony!

These shirts feature “Terry” the horned goat throwing metal and looking ready to rock in his skull-emblazoned shirt and long black trench coat. Metal! Terry’s T-shirt comes in your choice of back or blood red, in a variety of styles and sizes to fit every member of your head banging family. Assuming “one week” means the sale ends on Sunday, November 21, you’d better act fast to get one of these awesome shirts for just $25. Click Here to purchase!


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