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Yes, It Exists: Colon Blow

Colon Blow
Photo By Gail

During Saturday Night Live‘s Season 15, way back in 1989, the late Phil Hartman starred in one of the series more hilarious commercial parodies for a fictional product called Colon Blow, spoofing the new wave of high fiber cereals. In the spot, Phil is a typical man sitting down to have a bowl of cereal when an off-camera announcer asks him, how many bowls of his regular oat bran cereal would he have to eat to get as much fiber as Colon Blow. It turns out to be something like 30 thousand bowls, which then form a towering pyramid, with Phil perched atop of them all. Priceless.

I took this photo of a box of Colon Blow, perfectly emulating the original fake product package, in the candy emporium, It’Sugar, located downtown on Broadway in NYC’s NoHo. Actually filled with Nature’s Best crispy energy granola, a 16 ounce box sells for $15.99!

Colon Blow SNL

Phil Hartman (RIP) in original Colon Blow Skit

Yes, It Exists: Bryan Ferry In a Commercial for H&M

H&M – Holiday 11 – Bryan Ferry and Tara Ferry from Chamdin & Stöhr on Vimeo.

Former Roxy Music front man Bryan Ferry and his handsome son Tara, star in this commercial for H&M clothing stores. Now I’ve seen everything.

Bryan Ferry

Delicious Sandwich of The Day: McSurf and Turf

The McSurf and Turf is a succulent McDonald’s Filet O’ Fish sandwich nestled on top of a juicy Quarter Pounder with Cheese, with the Quarter Pounder’s top bun removed, giving it a sort of club sandwich presentation, not unlike that of the Big Mac. Which reminds me, how awesome is that new Filet O’ Fish Commercial with the singing fish? “Give me back that Filet O’ Fish. Give me that fish . . .” Hilarious. I could watch it over and over.

I Love The Talking Stain!

I Love This Commercial!

Confusing Discovery of the Day: Ace Frehley In a Dunkin Donuts Commercial

I know that Dunkin Donuts sells excellent coffee and tasty donuts and everything but when I look at this commercial all I can say is…What does this even mean? According to someone I know, this is a brand new commercial for which Ace had to get permission to use his signature makeup and outfit from Gene Simmons, because he sold his trademark to the character when he left the band the first time in 1982! Way to go, Ace, as they say.