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Holiday Gift Idea: Neko From Mars T Shirt

 neko from mars bowie cat t shirt

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the purrfect gift for the Cat Lover / Bowie Fan on your holiday gift list! Designed by Godzillarge, and inspired by David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane personae, Neko From Mars features a disgruntled-appearing astronaut (Tom) cat bearing the iconic lightning bolt that way too many folks mistakenly associate with Ziggy Stardust. Just saying.
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Shark Pig Attack!

shark pig t shirt photo by gail worley
Photo by Gail

We experienced the rare sighting of the fabled Shark Pig (T Shirt) while shopping on Portobello Road in London. Described as a ‘Screen Printed Masterpiece Illustration of SharkPig,’ you can purchase this T shirt for yourself for 28 GBP from MAP of London at This Link!

Shark (Pig) Attack On Your Body!

Pink Thing of The Day: Barbenheimer T Shirt

barbenheimer t shirt design

Well, somebody had to do it. Look sharp celebrating the Barbie / Oppenheimer movie double feature with this rad T Shirt that is so cool it will make people’s heads explode. I love the vintage look of the pink design on the faded yellow shirt!

barbenheimer t shirt design

Designed by Cpt_2013, Barbenheimer’s Pink Atomic Mushroom Cloud can be yours for just $24.95 by visiting This Link!

The Logan Roy #1 Dad T-Shirt: For the Dad Who Embraces the Dark Side of Parenting!

logan roy t shirt number one dad

Let me start by saying, if you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that boldly celebrates the absolute worst qualities of fatherhood, then the Logan Roy #1 Dad T-Shirt is a hilariously perfect choice! Packed with irony and a hefty dose of dark humor, this handsome and comfy tee encapsulates the essence of the infamous Patriarch from HBO’s Succession.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why on earth would I want my dad to wear a shirt that pays tribute to such a terrible father figure?” Well, my friend, that’s precisely the point! This shirt is like a playful middle finger to all the conventional notions of fatherly greatness. It’s a rebellious statement that says, “Hey, Dad, you may not be perfect, but at least you’re not as bad as Logan Roy!” Continue reading The Logan Roy #1 Dad T-Shirt: For the Dad Who Embraces the Dark Side of Parenting!

Hell’s Satans T-Shirt

hells satans t shirt

Hardcore Simpson’s fans might recall that The Hell’s Satans were an outlaw motorcycle club formed by Homer after he won a Harley-Davidson motorcycle at Greaser’s Cafe. Now you can own this immortal design of a screaming skull flanked by  pair of flaming crossbones (by Buby87) on a T Shirt in your choice styles and colors for just $24.95! Purchase now at This Link!