RIP Boney M Frontman Bobby Farrell

Farrell with the Lovely Ladies of Boney M

Bobby Farrell, outrageous front man for the German disco group Boney M has passed away on December 30th, 2010, following a performance in Russia. He was 61, and the cause of death is under investigation at this time. While Boney M were virtually unknown in the US, the group was absolutely huge in Europe, scoring great chart success with hits like “Ma Baker,” “Rasputin,” “Daddy Cool” and the Christmas favorite, “Mary’s Boy Child.” I was first introduced to the music of Boney M by my friend Randy, and their videos were always an in-demand and much-loved staple of his semi-annual video parties. Bobby’s dance moves were unrivaled.

Please enjoy the video for “Daddy Cool” – one of my favorite Boney M Songs – below. RIP Bobby. You were truly one of a kind.

Crazy Like a Fool

4 thoughts on “RIP Boney M Frontman Bobby Farrell”

  1. I was introduced to Boney M by a Russian immigrant and her Hungarian friend.

    Apparently they were big in the Soviet block as well. When I checked them out, they seemed like one of those Christian rock acts that don’t want anybody to know that they’re playing for God.

  2. We all remember Boney M’s Disco music, a mix of European, Caribbean, African-american and Eastern influences, with their wonderful costumes and Bobby’s flamboyant outfits, and his wild and extravagant dance moves.There is no Boney M without Bobby Farrell.

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