NYC’s Longest Bar and Most Fun Mexican Restaurant Shuts Down to Become a Chipotle

Adios: The Neon Sombrero Goes Dark January 31

After 22 years in business, Gonzalez y Gonzalez on Broadway near Houston, distinguished by its landmark giant, multicolored flickering neon sombrero outside, is shutting its doors after losing its lease, according to its website. One of the City’s best Mexican restaurants, G & G was known for one of the best Happy Hours in the city, featuring a $5 frozen fruit margarita that just couldn’t be beat. Occupying a space that stretched a full city block – from Broadway to MercerG & G also boasted the longest bar in the city. I had many, many memorable birthday celebrations within its festively-decorated walls and will not soon forget its delicious guacamole, quesadillas with fresh corn, sizzling steaks and fried chimichangas. Nachos NY is reporting that the space will soon become a Chipotle. As much as I love me some Chipotle, I wonder if we should really be shutting down NYC icons like Gonzalez Y Gonzalez to make room for another fast food burrito joint. So much for progress.

11 thoughts on “NYC’s Longest Bar and Most Fun Mexican Restaurant Shuts Down to Become a Chipotle”

  1. Shoot! This sounds like my kinda place! I wish I would’ve gone there on my last trip to NYC! Too bad it is closing and a chain will be moving in.


  2. I have so many wonderful memories of happy hours that lasted into the wee hours at G y G! A great friend and I would knock off work early, shop downtown and end up there. The bartenders make you feel at home and the food is an excellent accessory to the endless margaritas and other special concoctions we would indulge in. G y G will be missed. Looking forward to following to its next location!

  3. I think it’s sad that they’re willing to lose a landmark over a chain restaurant! I really am going to miss this place! 🙁 the people, the atmosphere & the margaritas! So sad!

  4. We come to New York often and G &G is our favorite place to stop! New York City will not be the same without this bar! Please let us know if you plan to reopen at another spot in the city, we hope you DO!!! I know that we will not be going to this chain, we can do that anywhere. We come to New York City for the experience of having something different that what we can’t get at home. Wish we could be in New YorK City for the Big Party, bet it will be Great! Have a good time, wonderful food, drinks, music and FRIENDS! Love your Friends from Youngstown, Ohio

  5. So broken-hearted! I fell in love w/ this place my 1st year I lived in NY, one of my best friend’s and I even had our collective birthday party there. Went there on a 1st date that ended lovely after those margaritas. Met my boyfriend of my last 2 years there too, it ended badly, but it was fun! Was just thinking of my next visit to NY in the Fall & it was definitely a spot I was planning to go! Sadness…

  6. I loved that place! The chimichangas were SO good. I can’t believe they would shut that place down and put up a chipotle. That sucks! So much for good food ;c

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