Great News for NYC Foodies: Gonzalez Y Gonzalez to Reopen!

Interior Shot of the Former Space

You might recall that back in January I ran a story on the sad closing of one of NYC’s most beloved Mexican restaurants, Gonzlez y Gonzalez, after 22 years in business, due to losing their massive leased space to a Chipotle. It seemed like everyone was bummed out about what felt like the end of an era in NYC dining spots. The post even got comments from out of town fans who had fond memories of coming to town and sitting at what was NYC’s longest bar to enjoy delicious frozen fruit margaritas and endless baskets of chips.

Well, here is some good – and very surprising – news for Gonzalez y Gonzalez fans: it’s been announced that the restaurant will be returning to its former home in Greenwich Village, albeit in a smaller space, some time this fall. Previously stretching one full city block, from Broadway to Mercer just off of Houston Street, G Y G will now occupy half the space that it used to have, with its entrance now being on the Mercer Street side. The front half of the former Gonzalez y Gonzalez space will house the new a Chipotle, with its customers entering off of Broadway. ARK Restaurants is no longer involved, instead letting two former employees (both long time bartenders at G y G) run the restaurant under the same name and retaining the original famous neon sign. The landlord is credited with deciding to split the space in two. Eater reports that there are a few objections to the reopening from Community Board 2 members, including wanting shorter hours, that led the board to deny the duos application for a new liquor license and a transfer. The full board and State Liquor Authority will have the final word on the issue. Good luck Gonzalez y Gonzalez! I know tons of people (counting me among them) are happy that you will be coming back!

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