Remembering Steve Clark

Portrait of Steve Clark Guitarist for Def Leppard
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On This Date, January 8th, in 1991: Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark was found dead at his Chelsea flat by his girlfriend, after a night of heavy drinking and prescription drug consumption. He was 30 years old. An autopsy revealed the cause of death as an overdose of codeine combined with Valium, morphine and alcohol. In 2007, Clark was posthumously ranked No.11 on Classic Rock Magazine’s 100 Wildest Guitar Heroes. What a waste. RIP, Steve.

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  1. God bless Steve. I live 10 mins walk away from Steve and visit a lot. I also live close to his mum and dad and I really want to go and tell them how much he means to us, but I’m a bit nervous of going. Steve, we miss you.

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