Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Bling Mixer!

Hot Pink Blinged Out Mixer
Photo By Anne Raso

This Hot Pink Blinged Out Cake Mixer sits in the front display window at Georgetown Cupcake on Prince Street in New York City. We heard that it was a gift to one of the owners (they are a pair of sisters,  so we are not sure which one owns this awesome thing) from her husband. Wow, nothing says Love to me like the gift of a Hot Pink Swarovski Crystal-studded Cake Mixer. Happy Love! Happy Valentines Day!

6 thoughts on “Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Bling Mixer!”

  1. Thanks for posting a photo of the mixer! It was created for Katherine from her sister – Sophie – for her bridal shower last summer. I created it for them and since then they’ve grown their love of bling mixers into other colors too for all the stores!

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the comment and info, Melissa! The mixer pic is one of the most popular images on my blog! — Cheers, Gail

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