Kiss Release Debut Album

Kiss Debut Album Cover 1974

On This Date, February 18th in 1974: Kiss released its self-titled debut album on Casablanca Records. The album eventually peaked at number 87 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Five songs from the album — including “Cold Gin”, “Strutter” and “Deuce” — remain permanent staples in Kiss’ live set to this day.

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  1. Simply put, this is THE most important and ground-breaking recording in history. If it could be liquified or put into pill form, it likely could cure cancer. If “Zep IV” had been twice as solid, it still would only be half as mighty as this one. Thank you, Paul Stanley. I love you!

  2. Truly a defining moment in Rock and Roll history. One of my favorite releases to this very day and my absolute favorite band of all time. KISS set a lot of other creative ideas in motion by their coming into existence and Heavy Music was forever changed as a result. 37 years of this classic piece and it still rocks.

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