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Modern Art Monday Presents: Meret Oppenheim, Octopus’s Garden

meret oppenheim octopus garden photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

In the early 1970s, Meret Oppenheim (19131985) began enthusiastically making collages. Octopus’s Garden (1971) is among the largest and most spectacular of those. This work depicts a fantastical underwater landscape, complete with calcified coral forms, trails of bubbles, and cut-out reproductions of peacock feathers.
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Kiss Release Debut Album

Kiss Debut Album Cover 1974

On This Date, February 18th in 1974: Kiss released its self-titled debut album on Casablanca Records. The album eventually peaked at number 87 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Five songs from the album — including “Cold Gin”, “Strutter” and “Deuce” — remain permanent staples in Kiss’ live set to this day.

Is it a Lifetime Movie Title or a Megadeth Song?

lifetime movie or megadeth song title

Given their shared preoccupation with kidnapping, family dysfunction and untimely death, it’s sort of surprising that Lifetime and Megadeth don’t share more fans. Can you tell the difference between the titles of Lifetime movies and Megadeth songs? Take Mental Floss Dot Com’s fun Lunchtime Quiz: Lifetime Movie Title or Megadeth Song? now!