Punky Meadows and Ace Frehley Action Figures

Ace Frehley and Punky Meadows Dolls

Judging from the date stamp on the above photo (origin unknown), this image comes from to us from several years in the future! In this photo, we see two “Action Figures,” as they are known, created in the likenesses of Ace Frehley of Kiss and Punky Meadows of Angel, two guitarists from rival ’70s rock bands, dressed in their distinctive costumes of that era, shaking hands in a gesture of solidarity and friendship. Let the homo-eroticism begin!

One thought on “Punky Meadows and Ace Frehley Action Figures”

  1. Although I desire little in life as much as a Punky Meadows action figure, I’m a bit curious as to exactly what he’s doing with his left hand in this pic. Not judging. Just asking. Thanks Gail for the heads up!

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