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Split Rock at The New York Botanical Garden

Split Rock Front
All Photos By Gail

At the end of the Ice Age, the last ice sheet began to melt back from the New York City region about 14,000 years ago, leaving behind a layer of clays, sands and pebbles, as well boulders known a glacial erratics. Glacial Erratics are made up of rock materials not generally found in their immediate surroundings.

Split Rock Right 2

Split Rock Installation View

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Eye On Design: Fredrikson Stallard, Armchair Species II

Species II Installation View
All Photos By Gail

This bright red armchair that looks like it was chiseled from a boulder is actually sculpted from polyurethane foam and upholstered in a brushed velvet-like polyester, making it quite a comfortable place to rest. Species II (circa 2015) is part of the Species series by London-based design duo Fredrikson Stallard, following their study in evolution through the media of furniture design. The designers claim that the chair was “created with a brute force that is at odds with ideas of comfort or human contact, yet so inviting by the nature of its materials.” I think anyone can see what they are getting at.

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Video Clip of the Week: “Snakedog” By Together Pangea

Do you like to Rock? I sure do. But most of the music I hear these days, it just does not Rock. So, I am very excited to post this rocking new video by LA-based rock band Together Pangea, which is for their fun song called “Snakedog.” I like it! It’s super old school in a Rock-meets-Punk sort of way and, to me, sounds totally original despite reminding me of an ancient LA Punk band from the late 70s called The Flyboys, that no one remembers. Also, don’t tell me you don’t hear a little “Free Bird” in there, because you do. Snake Dog! Download “Snakedog” for Free at This Link, and enjoy The Rockingness!

Together Pangea Snakedog

Tiny Heart Shaped Rock

Heart Shaped Rock
Image Source

Happy Valentines Day! I will “celebrate” this day by posting pictures of Heart-Shaped Things!

Punky Meadows and Ace Frehley Action Figures

Ace Frehley and Punky Meadows Dolls

Judging from the date stamp on the above photo (origin unknown), this image comes from to us from several years in the future! In this photo, we see two “Action Figures,” as they are known, created in the likenesses of Ace Frehley of Kiss and Punky Meadows of Angel, two guitarists from rival ’70s rock bands, dressed in their distinctive costumes of that era, shaking hands in a gesture of solidarity and friendship. Let the homo-eroticism begin!