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Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley Jack in the Boxes

Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley Jack in the Boxes

Photographed at David Burke in the Box Restaurant, Bloomingdale’s, NYC.

Punky Meadows and Ace Frehley Action Figures

Ace Frehley and Punky Meadows Dolls

Judging from the date stamp on the above photo (origin unknown), this image comes from to us from several years in the future! In this photo, we see two “Action Figures,” as they are known, created in the likenesses of Ace Frehley of Kiss and Punky Meadows of Angel, two guitarists from rival ’70s rock bands, dressed in their distinctive costumes of that era, shaking hands in a gesture of solidarity and friendship. Let the homo-eroticism begin!

Kiss Alive! Turns 35!

Kiss Alive Album Cover
Rock & Roll All Night. Party Every Day.

On This Date, September 10th in 1975:  Kiss released their first live album Alive! The double album went on to become the band’ first top ten album in the U.S. and to this day it’s considered a landmark for live albums.

Confusing Discovery of the Day: Ace Frehley In a Dunkin Donuts Commercial

I know that Dunkin Donuts sells excellent coffee and tasty donuts and everything but when I look at this commercial all I can say is…What does this even mean? According to someone I know, this is a brand new commercial for which Ace had to get permission to use his signature makeup and outfit from Gene Simmons, because he sold his trademark to the character when he left the band the first time in 1982! Way to go, Ace, as they say.