Worleygig.Com Goes to Eleven!

Happy 11th Birthday

Well, it’s June 10th again and that means it’s time to chalk up another banner year here at the Worley Gig, where today we are celebrating Eleven (11!) solid years of Web Dominance! Hurray for us! This past year has seen The Gig give pause to its competition with our unequalled coverage of Art, Bacon and Things that are Pink, as well as Food and Restaurant Reviews, consciousness-expanding coverage of Design and Lifestyle topics and our wildly popular new music series, Video Clip of the Week (which just turned one year old)! I can’t believe how much we rule!

Of course, we could not have achieved this level of success without all of our dedicated and enthusiastic readers. Thanks as always for all of your support, your faithful readership, for Tweeting and Posting our links via your social media outlets, and of course for your fun and insightful comments. Cheers to another great year!

10 thoughts on “Worleygig.Com Goes to Eleven!”

  1. That’s some serious longevity… too bad about the neverending string of replacement drummers. Congratulations!

  2. 11 years in blogging is like 437 years in mainstream media. Congratulations and thank you for holding the target high for the rest of us to shoot at!

  3. 11 years of outstanding service. I loves me some Worleygig! One of the last bastions of culture and refinement on the interwebs…

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